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Increase And Optimize Your Electric Vehicle Performance

Battery Management System

The main application of the Battery Management System (BMS) is to monitor and control EV’s battery processes. BMS can monitor key parameters like – SoH (State of Health), SoC (State Of Charge), temperature, power, battery status with many more.

Safe Driving

By using IoT, we can monitor the real-time data of the vehicles and their key components. It provides users with a bunch of information offered by the technology, making the users find it more reliable.

Fault Alert

An electric vehicle, being a high-tech machine, is bound to experience technical faults. Using IoT Fault alert systems alerts vehicle drivers regarding the faults or glitches and gives them enough time to act and address them.

Telematics Data

With the help of IoT-based telematics technology, data is collected when connected to vehicle sensors, and it can be rapidly displayed through widgets, send instant notifications, and generate automatic reports

Preventive Maintenance System

By using an IoT we can detect the charge cycle of the vehicle, kilometers traveled, the temperature of the battery, etc., and we can use this data for regular maintenance of the tires, lubrication cycle, battery life, and monitoring other wear and tear parts of the vehicles and replacing them on the time.


Enhance EV Battery Life Cycle

and Vehicle Performance With IoT Device


  • Predict Preventive Maintenance
  • Monitor Driver Behaviour
  • Optimize and Track Battery Performance
  • Get Customized Alert And Notification
  • User-Friendly Web Portal
  • Lower Power Consumption


  • Track Monitor And Analyse Battery Conditions
  • Get Precise Reports
  • Save Cost
  • Analyse Data and Provide Best User Experience



The primary objective is to develop a system that enables control, location tracking, lithium-ion battery critical data, and other parameters visualization of the Electric vehicle from a remote location. In order to realize such a system, a technology called the Internet of Things (IoT) has been adopted which acts as a framework for the development and implementation of the product providing an end-to-end solution. Various state-of-the-art protocols such as CAN, USART, etc., Cloud-based AI enable platforms have been used in order to create connectivity between the hardware devices, cloud platforms, and end user-interface applications. The hardware is enabled with Various parameters from the vehicle obtained and transmitted onto the cloud through secure m2m connectivity for easy analysis and tracking of the vehicle and its battery health, thus, ensuring real-time monitoring and safety of the vehicle and battery in on-road or off-road conditions.

RARTHVIK vehicle tracking solutions now contains Electric Vehicle battery functionality as well. The solution allows you to monitor location, battery information (voltage, percentage, range), BMS monitoring functionality (SoC, SoH, time of last charge, temperature) etc. Alerts such as theft & towing alerts are also available. Additional location-based information is also provided. journeys, start, stop information, geo-fence etc.