Let's Track Your  


Unleash the power of data and use your waste containers efficiently

  • Gain total visibility over your waste containers
  • Identify and Figure out the trailers that are lost or underused
  • Monitor, Track, and Optimize pick-ups
  • Stay in the know and track waste containers

Get Location Visibility of the the Waste Containers

Say goodbye to erroneous manual logging about the location of your waste containers. Leverage the RARTHVIK Platform and ensure that you track your container fleets with precision and save time by being aware of the time, area, location, and clients.

Detect and eliminate unused or forgotten waste containers

Be specific and assured about the availability and usage of the containers under your fleets. Save money by safeguarding your waste containers with the help of RARTHVIK. Never lose sleep about the containers again, as, with the platform, you can always know exact details about all the assets. The platform empowers you to minimize wastage and increase profitability with the utilization monitoring application. Assign the containers for better usage and compare the prices between different departments.

Increase, Monitor and Improve Pick-Up Efficiency

Monitor orientation activities, deliveries, and fill levels of the waste containers with the data accuracy that comes standard with the RARTHVIK Platform. Keep track of the number of times a container is emptied with automation and optimize pick-up planning and manage the processes.

Efficiently managing damaged waste containers and maintenance schedules

Benefit from the RARTHVIK solution that offers a simplistic approach to handle all your damaged containers and keep up with the maintenance schedules. Enjoy the simple way of declaring, finding, and following up on container problems. The app lets you plan maintenance schedules based on the frequency and the time.

Inform your customers about every intricate detail related to the relevant delivery and never miss out on timelines. Link the shipment data with an ERP to the assets and access the info on web, mobile, or APIs. RARTHVIK offers you the functionality of providing location data about shipment arrivals and departures to your customers.


Seamlessly attach the device to the waste container with ease.


Once installed the device connects with the cloud seamlessly.


Gain smart data and insights within no time and efficiently monitor utilization KPIs. Define anomalies and alerts.